Thursday, October 27, 2011


Looking for your love in all the wrong faces
Running from you, leaving my heart displaced
The more I ran, the more I wanted you
I have always been yours, and you always knew
Loving you scared me to my core
But always left me wanting more
I allowed past mistakes to interfere
With what I already knew to be sincere
Even when we became distant
Attempting to be resistant
Everything in me, loves you with everything I have to give
That place in me that your love lives
No one can replace
With any other face
I can no longer deny how I feel
I can no longer run from what's real


Keep checking my phone,
Making sure I haven't missed a call or text

My heart is aching for your touch,
Loving you is a natural reflex

Missing time spent,
The feel of your kisses absorbed

Can't get enough of you,
Wanting you more and more

Your voice rings in my ear
Your tone makes me feel as your near

Anticipating the day our eyes again meet
Giving in to our hearts defeat


You are the air in my lungs
The ink that bleeds from my pen
Displaying life inspirations
My heart beats to its own rythmn
Poetry imerges from my pores

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Here is me on stage trying to read

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I reposted the last three poems for easy access became I was to do a reading. I tried soo hard but soooooo choked


Hollowed heart and dented frame
Buried deep, love remnants remain
Echoes of repeated mistakes
Mind no longer aches
Inner peace and joy refill
With the strength of God's will
Truth no longer concealed
Once broken, now healed


Mind drifting to places unknown
Sighs float in the wind like a whisper
Smelling the frangrance of his cologne
Images are bright and getting crisper

Seconds and hours disappear
Times lost does not return
The past seems far but near
Feelings capture and do not adjourn

Moments embraced as the clock ticks
Words no longer able to say
Broken promises remain unfixed
Memories constantly replay

Just Once More

Lying here in this bed next to him
Wanting him to touch and love me until my knees go numb
Longing to feel his soft kisses on my neck
Loving me all the way down past the small of my back
His hands gently caressing my thighs
Making my senses alert and sensitive to his touch
Craving to feel him deep inside
Taking me to our sensual place
Induldging into pure ecstasy
Falling asleep in his arms
Awakening to his much desired kisses
But instead
I lay next to this man that I love with every molecule of my body
Hurting, missing the love we shared
Both knowing we cannot be, not now
But our love is so powerful it keeps pulling us back
Now we lay here as two friends would
Pretending we don't want to give in
Just once more...

Monday, October 3, 2011


Sorry for the long hiatas. Soo much has been going on in my world, good and bad. I was originally working hard doing end of fiscal year close outs just to find out that our company lost our contract last week. So after the inital shock of being jobless I am now motivated and positvely pursuing where I want my career to go. With the help of good friends and my faith, I know bigger and better things are coming and I can no longer worry. Now that I will have plenty of time on my hands I will have no exuse not to write :)

I was having trouble posting from the bloggerdroid app so I am now posting from the reg blogger app so I hope this one works better.