Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just Once More

Lying here in this bed next to him
Wanting him to touch and love me until my knees go numb
Longing to feel his soft kisses on my neck
Loving me all the way down past the small of my back
His hands gently caressing my thighs
Making my senses alert and sensitive to his touch
Craving to feel him deep inside
Taking me to our sensual place
Induldging into pure ecstasy
Falling asleep in his arms
Awakening to his much desired kisses
But instead
I lay next to this man that I love with every molecule of my body
Hurting, missing the love we shared
Both knowing we cannot be, not now
But our love is so powerful it keeps pulling us back
Now we lay here as two friends would
Pretending we don't want to give in
Just once more...


Big Mark 243 said...

Hmm... catching up with this and taking in all three poems into one epic story makes me urge caution above all... hubris is what eventually causes the hurt because the pride goes before the fall... no matter how it felt, or the why it happened, if the question is one of pride, then the game is lost before it has ever begun...

Brian Miller said...

oy what a harrowing be together and know it will not last....where you been jstar?