Thursday, October 27, 2011


Looking for your love in all the wrong faces
Running from you, leaving my heart displaced
The more I ran, the more I wanted you
I have always been yours, and you always knew
Loving you scared me to my core
But always left me wanting more
I allowed past mistakes to interfere
With what I already knew to be sincere
Even when we became distant
Attempting to be resistant
Everything in me, loves you with everything I have to give
That place in me that your love lives
No one can replace
With any other face
I can no longer deny how I feel
I can no longer run from what's real


JStar said...

The past and prensent tense is intentional. Showing the back and forth with this love, demonstrating an undying and undenialble love.

Brian Miller said...

powerful piece jstar...i can feel the potency of that love...

Val said...

Amazing. I can really relate to this. Thanks for sharing.