Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love from the core of my soul,
With everything in me

Freely given yet sometimes stolen,
At times my mind and heart don't agree

I haven't always made smart choices,
Giving my love to those that didn't deserve

Ignoring the signs and inner voices,
Even went years with my love on reserve

Ran from true love staring me in the face,
Scared to again be hurt

Although my heart was still beating at a rapid pace,
My one and only I chose to dessert

But without his love I couldn't breathe,
Feeling totally empty and alone

As much as I denied true love was already concieved,
Chill bumps formed from just his tone

My whole heart is only his to claim,
All the love inside that I have to give

Since the day we met I have never been the same,
That love we once shared I want to relive


1manview said...

Sometimes we choose wants bad for us over what's good, thinking we can always go back. But sometimes going back doesn't become a option, and all we can do is think, what if. ... Heartfelt write, and i hope your option returns one day...

Brian Miller said...

nice...i feel you in this...and if it is meant to be it will...w have to live with decisions made...but sometimes life gives us second chances...