Sunday, September 30, 2012

Next to me

Written by JStar featuring Starchasr Shai Carter

Each morning I glance over to the empty pillow next to me
The imprints of you in my bed where you once laid
Missing the rays of sunshine in your eyes
Longing for you’re good morning greetings
Still tasting your kisses on my lips
Feeling your chest beneath my head
Impatiently anticipating your next visit
I thoroughly enjoy each second invested…in us
I see futures reflected, hoping this is more than a dream
Feelings of happiness never before felt
You have been there without hesitation when I needed most
Your voice calms my mood…and brings peace to my spirit
As if you are right here…next to me

And I promised I would never leave...without you I can't breathe... Without embrace your lips and diving in our eyes...the star cry as I forget to believe. That I cheated fate finding you...found everything divine in once
and died thousand times for you...
With my world pulsating,
And my mind vibrating,
my thoughts taint the grounds
whenever I'm not around you.
Your voice bent the night. Listening to your starry plea,... the world cease to exist when I reach for you, I attempt to break the axis bringing you back next me...

Your words comfort me…and remind me that you are still near
Even though you are physically miles away
Day by day feelings growing in intensity…and I miss you more and more
Yearning for your touch and embrace
Your warmth warming my soul
Knowing this day will be soon…my heart palpitates
Beating to your rhythm
Enticed by our daily conversations
Every second I can’t hear your voice…ringing bells in my ear
I feel my heart in the pit of my stomach…gasping for air
I just can’t go another day…wanting to jump on the next plane
Just to have you in my sight…
Visions of you entrance my mind
As your words encase my heart...
And makes me feel as if you are right here
Standing by my side…next to me

My fingers are swallowed in the night
as I attempt to grasp a star.
Kissing the notes of your melody
entrancing me from afar...
and when I can't hear your voice
in the winds newborn noise.
I fall from grace
my night is scarred.... You define enchantment, embracing a hopeless romantic,....
throwing the star you stand on in the void of night,...
and it rained meteors as I glanced back at it,.
I suck in your tears,
I inhale your cries
Shelter your mind from harsh glares.
You’re the answer to the question why.
When you look out the window.
With Falcon's eyes
Tasting the dawn
Feeling me inside
Life is just around the corner...
Take your steps in stride. The Northern Star dew south...

next to you,..I’m alive....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just asking why-voice record

Just Asking Why by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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Speak to me-voice record

Speak To Me by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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Speak to me

Speak to me
Tell me everything about you
Speak to me
Tell me all of your dreams
Speak to me
Tell me all of your secrets
Speak to me
Tell me your fears
Speak to me
Tell me your deepest regrets
Speak to me
Tell me each and every thought
Speak to me
Tell me every detail of your past
Speak to me
Tell me all you want in your future
Speak to me
Tell me all of your fantasies
Speak to me
Tell me how your day was
Speak to me
Tell me about all of your disappointments
Speak to me
Tell me all that you want and expect
Speak to me
Tell me something you have never told another
Speak to me
Tell me your hearts desires
Speak to me
Tell me how you feel
Speak to me
Tell me how you miss me
Speak to me
Tell me how I make you feel inside
Speak to me
Tell me how to love you
Speak to me
Tell me all of you
Speak to me...

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Just Asking Why

I just want to ask why
Why do you care so much
The side remarks and dirty looks are uncalled for
The last time I checked
It was my choice of who I want to be with
My choice of who I want to love
I just want to ask why
Does this affect you
He chose to be with me
He chose to love me
You fit nowhere in this equation
Therefore your opinion does not really matter
Who cares that there is a race difference
We obviously don’t
We are together
Because of how we feel about each other
Because we love one another
For whom we are
Everything we are
Race is not a barrier in our world
We can see beyond those limitations
Keep your narrow minded opinion
To yourself, please
I just want to ask why
Our love makes you so angry
I was always taught to love
A person for who they are
And not the color of their skin
Or any other prejudices
Why do you feel so much rage
What does it matter to you
I just want to ask why

Monday, September 24, 2012

Me in You-voice record

Me In You by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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Me in You

Entangle me in your inner thoughts
Share your deepest secrets
Trust me with your heart
Sprinkle me with your caress
Finesse me in your pursuit
Wrap me in the security of your arms
Kiss my tears
Remove any fear
Encase me within your depths
Allow our heart beats to sync
Taste my love
From my soul unselfishly drink
Swim in my seas
Electrify my emotions
Tickle my touch
Embrace my clutch
Tantalize each of my senses
Make sweet love to me
Mind and body
Explore all of me
As I you
Entrust me within
Close your eyes
And feel my pressence
Enjoy the me in you

Friday, September 21, 2012

Holding onto…your voice

Jumping for my phone with each ring
A sigh of relief my heart releases
As the sound of your voice I cling
Palpitations increase
Your breaths sing lullabies in my ear
From my eyes a tear escapes
Wishing you were near
Shadowing sadness drapes
Clutching faded images remembering
Your reassurance calms
My worries and doubts dismembering
Yearning for the connection of our palms
I am missing your kiss tasting my lips
Your touch feathering my skin
The way your hands caress my hips
Expressing my longing through my pen
Looking forward to the next time
I am awakened to your face
Anticipation day by day climbs
For your warming greeting within my space
Our hearts traveled miles
Distance invades
Your voice brings inner smiles
Contentedness persuades
And rests my fears at ease
Memories tightly clung
Each conversation breaths a tease
Holding onto each syllable that drips from your tongue

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One day at a time…

Pain churning in the pit of my stomach
Feeling your uncried tears brush my lips
Wanting take your disappointments away
But you put a distance in between
I feel like one step back has been taken
But yet I still feel you holding on in the distance
Unsure and now questioning
Pushing away dealing alone
Wanting to reassure
But standing back
Trying not to overwhelm
But I refuse to let you give up just yet
I will give you a short space to breathe
All the while letting you know that I am still here
My feelings are real and true
I see potential in us
Foreseen my future in your eyes
Felt that connection
The first time you parted your lips
But I will take things at your speed
Never giving up
Never letting you go
Instead I comfort smoothly
Proving the sincerity residing inside
Not wanting to rush a thing
Showing restraint in my pursuit
Taking it moment by moment and one day at a time


A Better Me

I have lived, loved and lost
For my mistakes I paid the highest cost
Learned from each and every situation
Released all my past pains and frustrations
Taken the time I needed to heal
No longer allowing my love to be concealed
No longer allowing my past to hold me back
My life is finally back on the right track
Allowing myself to feel things previously unfelt
My emotions checked and feelings dealt
No longer jumping the gun, learning to relax
Knowing my reaction to others impacts
Releasing the pressures of expectations
Taking others feelings into consideration
Free of drama and my mind is at peace
Each part of me, is a complete puzzle piece
Living each day to its fullest potential
True inner happiness is essential
Taking each day given as a blessing
Each step I take outcomes constantly assessing
I am no longer held back or scared
My heart is pure and ready to be shared
I am ready to be all that I can possibly be
I am ready to share the true me
For direction I pray on bended knee
I am now a better me

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


You never gave me a chance to again fall in love with you
Excuse after excuse and all the lies you construed

I gave you decades to get it right
But you slept with my best friend that night

And after time passed I allowed you back into my life
With false promises of making me your wife

But I wasnt worth your time
I felt like just a lover scheduled part-time

I was supposed to be yours
The one you loved and adored

But your life you didnt allow me to be a part of
Affection and time there was a lack thereof

I waited patiently month after month to no avail
You didnt know how to be my man and all that entailed

You pretended to care
But didnt have my back when you should have been there

I was supposed to be your one and only
But I mines well be single since nightly I was home alone tired of being lonely

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Got Away

I loved you but didnt want to admit it until it was too late
I was scared to love you, terrified to allow my heart to dictate

I did everything to push you away
While you did everything to make me want to stay

I was scared to trust just to get hurt again
I refused to let your love completely in

Time and time again you took me back
But our foundation I cracked

I used distance and your career as an excuse
Your heart I didnt mean to bruise

Because I did love you, I just didnt know how to love
And all my fears rise above

Our history was a learning lesson for me
I learned to again take that chance instead of being love's flee

I had to let you go because my welcome was overstayed
But you will always be, that good man that got away...

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Monday, September 17, 2012


Time with you makes me feel like the world outside is standing still
My feelings are like a stream constantly flowing uphill
With you, I want to take a chance and allow true feelings to grow
With our hearts reaching the peeks of the highest plateau
I am not looking for a perfect fairytale
I want to take our time to figure out each and every detail
Reality is that everything in life doesnt always run smoothe
But together any opposing force can be soothed
I am not looking to rush a single moment given
I'd rather relish and progress these feelings as we live in
I do know the difference between love and lust
But with you, my heart I entrust
I cant shake these feelings that I feel
And I cant honestly ever conceal
Tomorrow I am looking forward to
Being a major part of my life, I chose you
Eventhough we have no clue what the future holds
I am eager to be a part as the story unfolds
I want to follow this journey to see where it leads
Without any untruths or misleads
I want to be open with you and bare my soul
As hand in hand along this path we stroll
I know it will take time for us to completely know each other
But lets take this time to grow in love with one another
I do already know its only you that I want by my side
And with you, my inner feelings I am comfortable to truthfully confide

Saturday, September 8, 2012


As I sleep, I am comforted by the warmth of his body next to mine
Cradling me in the security of his arms, the only place I want to be
Feeling the sensation of his breaths gracing my face, wanting to stop the clocks of time
Opening my eyes to discover him watching me
Inspiring an instant smile felt deep within
Captured by the love displayed through the depths of his eyes
Embracing his kisses on every inch of my skin
Feeling like I am floating above the clouds high in the skies

Never wanting him to leave my side
Making me a believer that true love does exist
Riding the waves of this high tide
With him, a forever I enlist
Crying tears of joy, pinching myself to make sure he is not just a dream
He is everything I have ever wanted in a man
Whiping away my tears that stream
Praying that we are a part of our Fathers divine plan

Enjoying every moment of him and I...becoming we
Encompassing the grips of our joining hands
Grasping tight to our hearts silent plea
Making plans together of future expands
Holding onto each second of time spent
But taking our time allowing a natural progression
A love like this is Heaven sent
Every word expressed here is my hearts truthful confession

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Fallen Stars Debut

I thank your father for planting the seed and your mother for giving birth
And thanks to the days of your first breaths and cries as you graced your presence on this earth

Always looking up and chasing the stars that lead your mind astray
Growing from joys, pains and life experiences into the man you are today

Learning the cruel lessons of this world yet discovering how to disengage
And the words that flow from your veins so gracefully onto the page

I thank you for the visions and glimpses only seen through your eyes
The pictures you paint carry and deliver an untimley apprise

I am thankful for God allowing us to cross paths and the strengths of the forces that bind us
The values and morals internally you were taught in one way or another to posses

I thank you for being true to self and at all times just being you
And since "life is just around the corner", I am thankful for a fallen stars debut

Sunday, September 2, 2012

To you I bare

I am falling but secure your arms are below to catch me and hold tight
Feeling an inner glow, allowing me to bask in your direct sunlight

Kissing my heart in ways never before kissed
Realizing what all a I have missed

Providing me a comfort level that is unexplainable
Emotions from my soul overflowing and unrestrainable

Making me want to give you all of me, promising to be faithful and true
Satisfying each need and desire, in every way completely spoiling you

Thinking of new ways each day to make you smile
Going above and beyond constantly reaching for that extra mile

Missing you every moment that your not by my side
With you every dream, secret and mistake I confide

Seeing great potential in a brighter tomorrow
Forgetting past pains which left sorrow

Looking forward to building something beyond real with you
A true love that is long overdue

I am entrusting you with my heart so please treat it with care
To you my soul I unselfishly bare

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Missing Him

Yearning to hear the sound of his voice in my ear
His pressence adorning my atmosphere

His gentle touch on my skin
The pitter-pat of my heart within

As my lips he kissed
My love never dismissed

His forever welcoming arms
Protecting me from harm

His eyes locking into my soul
Like the last piece to the puzzle making us whole

Feeling his essence in every limb
Anticipating each moment with him

Missing him...

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The youthfulness of adolescence has completely faded more and more over the decades
Thier adult-like behavior is sad but society continues to invade

Babies raising babies defying the morals and values once taught
Leaving the futures of tomorrow helpless and distraught

The music of today is partly to blame
Teaching our kids to except disrespect and shame

Young girls thinking its cute to be called out thier name
Becoming sexual objects exposing thier bodies in disdain, looking for love in vain

Deflowering thier temples in sin at such a young age
While boys are just looking for thier next conquest to upstage

No longer having to earn his way in between her legs
The goals of our youth are infected with an incureable plague

Filling my spirit with worry, rage and sadness
Wondering if there is any hope for this madness

Where did we go wrong, asking our Father why
For my own daughters and grand daughter, I cry

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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Rain drops saturating my cheeks, closing my eyes feeling its pour
Refreshingly cleansing me to my inner core
Holding his hand and kissing his lips
As the back of my head he grips
Loosing ourselves in each other
Forgetting to take cover
Careless and free
Bringing back a flush of memories
Its almost like the sky is releasing inner tears and pain
Dancing in circles chasing one another in the rain
Then opening my eyes
Its only a dream I tearfully realize

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