Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just Asking Why

I just want to ask why
Why do you care so much
The side remarks and dirty looks are uncalled for
The last time I checked
It was my choice of who I want to be with
My choice of who I want to love
I just want to ask why
Does this affect you
He chose to be with me
He chose to love me
You fit nowhere in this equation
Therefore your opinion does not really matter
Who cares that there is a race difference
We obviously don’t
We are together
Because of how we feel about each other
Because we love one another
For whom we are
Everything we are
Race is not a barrier in our world
We can see beyond those limitations
Keep your narrow minded opinion
To yourself, please
I just want to ask why
Our love makes you so angry
I was always taught to love
A person for who they are
And not the color of their skin
Or any other prejudices
Why do you feel so much rage
What does it matter to you
I just want to ask why

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

ugh...the things we would say if we could to those that pass us judging...its a sickness really, on their part...something they were taught and they will pass on to their own children...ugh