Friday, September 7, 2012

Fallen Stars Debut

I thank your father for planting the seed and your mother for giving birth
And thanks to the days of your first breaths and cries as you graced your presence on this earth

Always looking up and chasing the stars that lead your mind astray
Growing from joys, pains and life experiences into the man you are today

Learning the cruel lessons of this world yet discovering how to disengage
And the words that flow from your veins so gracefully onto the page

I thank you for the visions and glimpses only seen through your eyes
The pictures you paint carry and deliver an untimley apprise

I am thankful for God allowing us to cross paths and the strengths of the forces that bind us
The values and morals internally you were taught in one way or another to posses

I thank you for being true to self and at all times just being you
And since "life is just around the corner", I am thankful for a fallen stars debut


Reggie said...

....and I'm thankful for your post JStar.

JStar said...

Thank you Reggie! Its my sweethearts birthday today so I wrote this in dedication to him :-)