Monday, September 17, 2012


Time with you makes me feel like the world outside is standing still
My feelings are like a stream constantly flowing uphill
With you, I want to take a chance and allow true feelings to grow
With our hearts reaching the peeks of the highest plateau
I am not looking for a perfect fairytale
I want to take our time to figure out each and every detail
Reality is that everything in life doesnt always run smoothe
But together any opposing force can be soothed
I am not looking to rush a single moment given
I'd rather relish and progress these feelings as we live in
I do know the difference between love and lust
But with you, my heart I entrust
I cant shake these feelings that I feel
And I cant honestly ever conceal
Tomorrow I am looking forward to
Being a major part of my life, I chose you
Eventhough we have no clue what the future holds
I am eager to be a part as the story unfolds
I want to follow this journey to see where it leads
Without any untruths or misleads
I want to be open with you and bare my soul
As hand in hand along this path we stroll
I know it will take time for us to completely know each other
But lets take this time to grow in love with one another
I do already know its only you that I want by my side
And with you, my inner feelings I am comfortable to truthfully confide

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