Sunday, September 2, 2012

To you I bare

I am falling but secure your arms are below to catch me and hold tight
Feeling an inner glow, allowing me to bask in your direct sunlight

Kissing my heart in ways never before kissed
Realizing what all a I have missed

Providing me a comfort level that is unexplainable
Emotions from my soul overflowing and unrestrainable

Making me want to give you all of me, promising to be faithful and true
Satisfying each need and desire, in every way completely spoiling you

Thinking of new ways each day to make you smile
Going above and beyond constantly reaching for that extra mile

Missing you every moment that your not by my side
With you every dream, secret and mistake I confide

Seeing great potential in a brighter tomorrow
Forgetting past pains which left sorrow

Looking forward to building something beyond real with you
A true love that is long overdue

I am entrusting you with my heart so please treat it with care
To you my soul I unselfishly bare

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Brian Miller said...

thinking of new ways to make you smile...nice...i like that jstar....i hope they do take that care with rhyming couplets...

JStar said...

Thank you :-) He IS taking so much care...