Sunday, September 2, 2012


The youthfulness of adolescence has completely faded more and more over the decades
Thier adult-like behavior is sad but society continues to invade

Babies raising babies defying the morals and values once taught
Leaving the futures of tomorrow helpless and distraught

The music of today is partly to blame
Teaching our kids to except disrespect and shame

Young girls thinking its cute to be called out thier name
Becoming sexual objects exposing thier bodies in disdain, looking for love in vain

Deflowering thier temples in sin at such a young age
While boys are just looking for thier next conquest to upstage

No longer having to earn his way in between her legs
The goals of our youth are infected with an incureable plague

Filling my spirit with worry, rage and sadness
Wondering if there is any hope for this madness

Where did we go wrong, asking our Father why
For my own daughters and grand daughter, I cry

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