Monday, September 24, 2012

Me in You

Entangle me in your inner thoughts
Share your deepest secrets
Trust me with your heart
Sprinkle me with your caress
Finesse me in your pursuit
Wrap me in the security of your arms
Kiss my tears
Remove any fear
Encase me within your depths
Allow our heart beats to sync
Taste my love
From my soul unselfishly drink
Swim in my seas
Electrify my emotions
Tickle my touch
Embrace my clutch
Tantalize each of my senses
Make sweet love to me
Mind and body
Explore all of me
As I you
Entrust me within
Close your eyes
And feel my pressence
Enjoy the me in you


heavealie said...

Glad to read your work after so many months :) Excellent way in which you have showed two souls becoming one!! Keep writing!!

JStar said...

:-) thank you so much!

Brian Miller said... it jstar...its a beautiful intimacy when it can become mind and body...