Sunday, September 30, 2012

Next to me

Written by JStar featuring Starchasr Shai Carter

Each morning I glance over to the empty pillow next to me
The imprints of you in my bed where you once laid
Missing the rays of sunshine in your eyes
Longing for you’re good morning greetings
Still tasting your kisses on my lips
Feeling your chest beneath my head
Impatiently anticipating your next visit
I thoroughly enjoy each second invested…in us
I see futures reflected, hoping this is more than a dream
Feelings of happiness never before felt
You have been there without hesitation when I needed most
Your voice calms my mood…and brings peace to my spirit
As if you are right here…next to me

And I promised I would never leave...without you I can't breathe... Without embrace your lips and diving in our eyes...the star cry as I forget to believe. That I cheated fate finding you...found everything divine in once
and died thousand times for you...
With my world pulsating,
And my mind vibrating,
my thoughts taint the grounds
whenever I'm not around you.
Your voice bent the night. Listening to your starry plea,... the world cease to exist when I reach for you, I attempt to break the axis bringing you back next me...

Your words comfort me…and remind me that you are still near
Even though you are physically miles away
Day by day feelings growing in intensity…and I miss you more and more
Yearning for your touch and embrace
Your warmth warming my soul
Knowing this day will be soon…my heart palpitates
Beating to your rhythm
Enticed by our daily conversations
Every second I can’t hear your voice…ringing bells in my ear
I feel my heart in the pit of my stomach…gasping for air
I just can’t go another day…wanting to jump on the next plane
Just to have you in my sight…
Visions of you entrance my mind
As your words encase my heart...
And makes me feel as if you are right here
Standing by my side…next to me

My fingers are swallowed in the night
as I attempt to grasp a star.
Kissing the notes of your melody
entrancing me from afar...
and when I can't hear your voice
in the winds newborn noise.
I fall from grace
my night is scarred.... You define enchantment, embracing a hopeless romantic,....
throwing the star you stand on in the void of night,...
and it rained meteors as I glanced back at it,.
I suck in your tears,
I inhale your cries
Shelter your mind from harsh glares.
You’re the answer to the question why.
When you look out the window.
With Falcon's eyes
Tasting the dawn
Feeling me inside
Life is just around the corner...
Take your steps in stride. The Northern Star dew south...

next to you,..I’m alive....


Reggie said...

Very nice.

Freckles said...

snap snap snap - LOVE. looking fwd to being alive again... one day.

just vicariously living through your words.

JStar said...

:-) Me and my sweetheart wrote this about how we feel about each other so this was such an easy write for us and just flowed naturally...

Brian Miller said...

smiles....some really cool lines...each moment invested in us....the stars cry....really lovely jstar and i like the longer stuff too...smiles...

had this up yesterday and dont know what happened...hope you have a great start to the week!

JStar said...

Thank you! My line was each moment invested in us but the stars cry was actually StarChasrs so I cant take credit for it. FYI I started the poem, then back and forth. We ended each of our sections with next to me :-)

Big Mark 243 said...

You two should make collabs a regular thing... moving piece and makes me wonder if I am not alone in something without someone...

Anonymous said...

thats a beautiful poem, and you are an amazing writer that poem was written by you and Shai while he was still sleeping with me! he is definitely the master manipulator and will probably try telling you I'm crazy but trust me from one women to another I'm simply trying to warn you, he isn't who he portays himself to be