Friday, September 21, 2012

Holding onto…your voice

Jumping for my phone with each ring
A sigh of relief my heart releases
As the sound of your voice I cling
Palpitations increase
Your breaths sing lullabies in my ear
From my eyes a tear escapes
Wishing you were near
Shadowing sadness drapes
Clutching faded images remembering
Your reassurance calms
My worries and doubts dismembering
Yearning for the connection of our palms
I am missing your kiss tasting my lips
Your touch feathering my skin
The way your hands caress my hips
Expressing my longing through my pen
Looking forward to the next time
I am awakened to your face
Anticipation day by day climbs
For your warming greeting within my space
Our hearts traveled miles
Distance invades
Your voice brings inner smiles
Contentedness persuades
And rests my fears at ease
Memories tightly clung
Each conversation breaths a tease
Holding onto each syllable that drips from your tongue

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