Tuesday, September 18, 2012


You never gave me a chance to again fall in love with you
Excuse after excuse and all the lies you construed

I gave you decades to get it right
But you slept with my best friend that night

And after time passed I allowed you back into my life
With false promises of making me your wife

But I wasnt worth your time
I felt like just a lover scheduled part-time

I was supposed to be yours
The one you loved and adored

But your life you didnt allow me to be a part of
Affection and time there was a lack thereof

I waited patiently month after month to no avail
You didnt know how to be my man and all that entailed

You pretended to care
But didnt have my back when you should have been there

I was supposed to be your one and only
But I mines well be single since nightly I was home alone tired of being lonely

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