Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Better Me

I have lived, loved and lost
For my mistakes I paid the highest cost
Learned from each and every situation
Released all my past pains and frustrations
Taken the time I needed to heal
No longer allowing my love to be concealed
No longer allowing my past to hold me back
My life is finally back on the right track
Allowing myself to feel things previously unfelt
My emotions checked and feelings dealt
No longer jumping the gun, learning to relax
Knowing my reaction to others impacts
Releasing the pressures of expectations
Taking others feelings into consideration
Free of drama and my mind is at peace
Each part of me, is a complete puzzle piece
Living each day to its fullest potential
True inner happiness is essential
Taking each day given as a blessing
Each step I take outcomes constantly assessing
I am no longer held back or scared
My heart is pure and ready to be shared
I am ready to be all that I can possibly be
I am ready to share the true me
For direction I pray on bended knee
I am now a better me