Saturday, October 20, 2012


The sun eclipsed into nightfall as our lips greeted
Our tongue wrestles left me breathless and defeated

With closed eyes feelings defying the laws of attraction
Redefining the meaning of true satisfaction

The feathering of gentle kisses caressing every inch of we
Our eyes captured in pure passion as loves detainee

Hands interlocking sending electric vibes pulsating
Moans whispering confessions of pleasures elating

New positions with each turn invented
Nothing inhibited or prevented

Dissecting emotions naturally created as two souls connect as one
Inner flames burning hotter than the heat of the sun

Tasting secretions of desires endlessly flowing
Succumbing as two stars beam rays of light continuously ever glowing

Loves faces displayed as the intensity climbed volumes reaching undefined heights
Gravitating above the earth as climaxes unite

Friday, October 12, 2012


From not hearing your voice, I cried real tears
Losing you became real, realizing true fears
Discovering how important you are to me
And how my feelings for you run deeper than the seas
Waves felt as if they were wiping me away
Setting my pride aside revealing how I need you to stay
Yea, we may drive each other crazy at times
But what we feel for each other can’t be described within rhyme
Our hearts are feeling true and undeniable feelings
Each day a new layer is peeling
I don’t want to imagine my life without you
Admitting that I do love you

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How do I let go

The flashing images haunting
The memories constantly taunting
Fear preventing sleep
Even after decades the pain resides deep
Shaking in terror remembering that night
These demons still unable to fight
As much as I try to block it all out
Nightmares unable to sleep without
Fighting to hold back tears
In my sight every detail of his face appears
His laughs still echo loud
Remaining his victim I allowed
Only disguising the pain so others won’t know
But how do I forget and let go

Monday, October 8, 2012

Judgment Day

It’s too late now to ask for forgiveness and repent
You rebelled living in sin, wasted given time spent
The final bell has chimed
Its judgment time
How will you answer when He questions your motives
While you lived like two colliding locomotives
Heading straight in the opposite direction
Random sex without protection
Not even caring about names more worried about the erection
Hurting those who got in your way
Running to the next while she was begging you to stay
Stepping on top of others to get ahead
Blood only bleeds red
Temptations have no restraint
Palpitations becoming faint
Your hearts now bled dry
Tears no longer able to cry
Life was a test of prejudgment
Today is the truths of your final judgment

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Love is...-voice record

Love Is... by Poetically JStar on SoundCloud

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Love Is...

Like the rays of the morning sun, awakening
Like the hunger from a pack of wolves, ravishing
Like butterfly wings, flying to you
Like the dense fog, blocking out the world around
Like the heat of the Sahara Desert, warming my soul
Like the cold of snowfall on mountain tops, making me feel alive
Like the stream of the rivers flow, constantly moving me
Like the chill bumps of springs nightly breeze, brushing my skin
Like the waves of the ocean, rippling within
Like the crisp white clouds in the sky, floating weightlessly
Like the voice of a poet, touching deep inside
Like the moon, brightly smiling back at me
Like the tears of heartbreak, at the thought of losing you
Like the rain drops, saturating me
Like autumns leaves, always changing colors
Like a tornado’s strength, devouring
Like the echoes of my heart, beating loud and clear
Like the shining stars above, falling for you
Like the newness of realizing, I do love you

Monday, October 1, 2012

You deserve more

I really wish you would have seen the signs a year ago
You didn’t want to believe, but now you know
It was clear as day what he was about
He is no good without any doubt
Tried to control your every move
You followed your heart even though I disapproved
Using others because he can’t stand up and be a man
Lost without a viable plan
He is nothing more than a squatter
I can’t believe you allowed him to hurt your daughter
When he put his hands on you
He proved how much he truly loves you
I don’t know how you could take the blame
Holding your head in shame
But you are still not ready to see
Still wanting him to kneel on bended knee
As long as you’re with him your future is cursed
In time it will only get worse
You’re worth more than your demanding
You don’t deserve this hurt you’re withstanding
This drama is totally uncalled for
You deserve so much more

Find your own

Why are women interested in someone else’s man
That's the jealousy right there I just can’t stand
Your disrespectful attitude will make me step in
I am secure in my relationship, but my patience is wearing thin
More than confident he will set you straight
What’s not necessary is all the hate
I know he is very attractive so I expect you to look
His kind heart and politeness you mistook
Don’t think twice and please don’t get it twisted
No matter how much you persist
He doesn’t want you; he is more than happy at home
He only has eyes for me and will never roam
You are nothing but a desperate fan
Leave mine alone and find your own man

Why you mad

We were nothing; you made no effort to step up
It was what it was; nothing more, nothing less
Who you are; is not what I wanted in my life
Not what I needed or even desired
We had our moments
But the moments passed in the wind
Quite some time ago
Conversations even ceased to exist
So why now; do you pop up out of nowhere
With lies of how you miss me
How you need me
How you love me
Really, who are you trying to fool
When I tell you I am seeing someone else
Telling you that I am very happy and don’t want another
Why are you begging to be just a friend
Like I don’t know what it is you really want
I would have respected you more if you were honest
But it’s obvious you never respected me from the jump
Coming off at me like you would a whore
Knowing damn well that’s not me at all
You knew from day one
What I expected and wanted
So why are you trying to come at me sideways
Like all of a sudden I will accept your games
I didn’t back then, so why would I now
I know it’s killing you to see me happy
But it’s time to man up
And realize you lost a good woman
Since you claim that’s what you want now
Sorry, I am not the one
So, please move on
And spit your game to another
Because I will no longer entertain your nonsense
But I have to ask
Why you mad