Monday, October 1, 2012

You deserve more

I really wish you would have seen the signs a year ago
You didn’t want to believe, but now you know
It was clear as day what he was about
He is no good without any doubt
Tried to control your every move
You followed your heart even though I disapproved
Using others because he can’t stand up and be a man
Lost without a viable plan
He is nothing more than a squatter
I can’t believe you allowed him to hurt your daughter
When he put his hands on you
He proved how much he truly loves you
I don’t know how you could take the blame
Holding your head in shame
But you are still not ready to see
Still wanting him to kneel on bended knee
As long as you’re with him your future is cursed
In time it will only get worse
You’re worth more than your demanding
You don’t deserve this hurt you’re withstanding
This drama is totally uncalled for
You deserve so much more

1 comment:

Big Mark 243 said...

Wow... I hope that this is drawn from a composite of your experience and not from any direct influence on you or any loved ones...