Monday, October 1, 2012

Find your own

Why are women interested in someone else’s man
That's the jealousy right there I just can’t stand
Your disrespectful attitude will make me step in
I am secure in my relationship, but my patience is wearing thin
More than confident he will set you straight
What’s not necessary is all the hate
I know he is very attractive so I expect you to look
His kind heart and politeness you mistook
Don’t think twice and please don’t get it twisted
No matter how much you persist
He doesn’t want you; he is more than happy at home
He only has eyes for me and will never roam
You are nothing but a desperate fan
Leave mine alone and find your own man


Brian Miller said...

i think there is an allure to the things we dont have...but you have to set the boundaries somewhere....i smell a cat fight coming on...ha

Big Mark 243 said...

It is always that way... the pool is filled with too many crabs and not enough sport fish to hang on a wall... which is why there is so much fighting to hold onto what one has...