Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Fairytales do not truly exist
Although sleeping beauty is awaiting to be kissed
Prince Charming will indeed disappoint
Hopes and dreams will of course disjoint
But that’s the realities of life
Take comfort in promises of the afterlife
There is happiness that can only be found within
Don’t allow the issues of the world to get under your skin
God can release your burdens and take all your pain
As well as give you the strength to sustain
This God-given joy cannot be taken unless you allow
Enjoy the here and now
And everything else will fall in its rightful place
Once you love you and give God control
You will feel peace in your soul
Remain smiling when your train derails
Knowing life is never a fairytale


Brian Miller said...

an honest write...and there is much more stock in the afterlife, but i do still believe in fairy tales, though they do come with their disappointments...

JStar said...

Thats my point Brian :) True happiness is very possible...but nothing is perfect as portrayed in Fairytales...Life is life...You just have to learn how to get through all the crap life throws our way and smile regardless...Not allowing anyone or anything to take your God-given joy...

25champ said...

a harsh reality, but very true in deed :)