Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Distant Mind

Loved ones seem so distant
Their love is being so resistant
They don’t even know
Because my sacrifices haven’t shown
Their voices seem so far away
Their hearts led astray
But I am still pushing on
Even if they notice me withdrawn
Mind racing in constant thought
My battles have already been fought
Focused on my goals
Worrying about only that I can control

Good Morning All! I wrote this one about my teenagers and that teenage-know-it-all attitude...I love my girls...but this is the time they start pushing away...I am there, as always...but allowing them to feel themselves for the moment...


Brian Miller said...

make sure you still hold them accountable, but let them make their decisions to get lets them know you still care...dont envy you on this one...smiles.

25champ said...

not looking 4wd to that but I know the time will come when they won't be daddy's little girls any more :( .....what you've have taught them will surface

TWIST said...

They need to read this and hear this. Great way to push your talent!

Katherine said...

Teenagers do tend to seemingly pull away for a bit throughout these trying years. They will make mistakes (hopefully not big ones) & it's all part of the growing process. Your unconditional love with guide them through .. it is amazing (even though it may seem they're not listening) how much they really do hear!!

Paul Wynn said...

Ah know it alls... my parents always let me fall on my face but the problem with that is waiting ....