Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Your voice in my ear echoes
Loud and clear, sending chills
Exploding like a volcano
Firing lava distills
From the after affects,
Never again the same
Energy redirected
Senses inflame
Lust reaching heights
Never before known
Inner fire ignites
Adding volume to each tone
Bliss in each breath taken
Tasting each kiss
Sensitivity awakened
Echoes drifting into our abyss

Good Morning All! This is a fresh one...I hope you enjoy :)


25champ said...

intense....tastefully sexy J check this one out

Brian Miller said...

nice...all it takes is that voice to set off the five alarm fire inside...smiles.

JStar said...

Thanks Champ...I checked it out...very nice piece...great flow...Not sure why but my blogger wouldnt allow me to comment :(

Thanks Brian :)

Anonymous said...

It was all very nice but "Firing lava distills" set me on fire and then you ended it with "Echoes drifting into our abyss" and that put me over the edge,

nicely done....

JStar said...

Aw thanks Sir Thomas :)