Friday, May 20, 2011



Our magnetism is electrifying
Your kisses are hypnotizing
The warmth of assurance
Motivational endurance
Everlasting passion
Lingering scents of jasmine
Breathless sounds uttering
Leaving hearts fluttering
Flying above and beyond
Bodies instinctively respond
Oceans flowing deep
Desires are ours to keep
Giving emotions density
With a breath of serenity

Good Morning All! I am attempting to discipline myself to write. At times I get too caught up with life to even allow myself to let go and release all the feelings locked inside with my pen...I hope you enjoyed todays release :)

PS: Isnt that an amazing picture! and its my favorite color :) I just couldnt resist...


Brian Miller said...

it is nice when you find that the little textures you give it...the smell of jasmine...ah...and that is a cool pic!

Anonymous said...

always so much loves flows from your words that it makes me smile for days!!!

amazing picture

amazing woman...

Big Mark 243 said...

I hope that I mentioned how nice your new pic is...

... and I also hope you don't mind me using this poem for inspiration... I would love to share this with Nebraska..!

Jason said...

Breathtaking as usual Jen...Keep writing!

25champ said...

I loved it :) sounds like ur n a happy place

1manview said...

Lovely piece Jstar...