Thursday, May 19, 2011



Inside I feel depression forming
A constant mourning
Disappointment that things aren’t going as planned
Feeling weaker as I stand
Like my legs are about to give
Suffering being relived
As I take steps ahead
I begin to lose my tread
And fall further back
With my face being smacked
Tired of struggling
Day to day juggling
Just to get by
Blessings seem to be on standby
I suppose this is a lesson to gain strength
But how long is this ropes length
I am ready for a break
So sick of this heartache
Stress and worry are weighing me down
Getting harder not to frown
These feelings I want to overwrite
Not sure if I have the energy to continue this fight

Good Morning All! I have actually been pretty good lately...But yesterday things just got a little crazy..If it isnt one thing, its another...I am just soooo tired...and today it shows in my mood and in my face...I had to force myself to write and this was the way I felt so it carried over into this poem...I do have happier things to write about...I am just not feeling any of that at this particular moment...


Brian Miller said...

i hear you jstar...i have those days when it feels like my hopes and dreams have been put on lay away and i dont have the flow to buy them...hang tight to the promises...better days

25champ said...

everybody has them #huggs :)