Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Expectations reserved for later dates
Allowing whatever is meant to naturally create
Enjoying the present time spent
Following the trails scent
Not sure where it is leading
Or even worried about superseding
Nonetheless a friendship is being built
Without lies or preceding guilt
Even after years, I still feel the passion of our kisses
Now secret daily glances and chances of near misses
Conversation intrigues a deeper curiosity
Attractions measured in their velocity
Sitting across from each other on the train
Normal cool unable to maintain
Smiles and blushing clearly display
Undeniable flirtatious foreplay


Brian Miller said...

i like that you are building it from a friendship...that is what is important and will sustain you over the long run...passion wears thin at times and in circumstance so i think the stronger commitment lies in the bond...

Big Mark 243 said...

Ah the eternal promise of what is just around the bend... hopefully you will get off at the same station and headed for the same destination, designed by fate!!

JStar said...

Thanks Brian and Mark :-) A friendship starting off a little flirty over time is great Foreplay *wink*

Don said...

Bam! @ Conversation intrigues a deeper curiosity

You've captured my exact sentiments concerning the art of foreplay.

I'd go so far as to suggest it's a MUST for myself.

JStar said...

yes yes Don...This is how it all begins....

Reggie said...

The beginning and a promise of what will come, very nice.