Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mental Stimulation

Mentally massaging the brain stems in my frontal lobe
Into my thoughts and feelings you so gently probe
Stimulating my mind in ways never before penetrated
Searching every detail for the previously unstated
Discovering the secretly hidden uncharted pathways
Tucked away desires you revelry graze
Mental attraction exceeds the obvious physical attraction
Tantalizing foreplay through only verbal interaction
Wanting to know even more, each and every piece that makes you, you
Enjoying every second of this daily and constant pursuit
Never too much to say in our honestly riveting conversations
Reaching the depths sea of mental stimulation


Brian Miller said...

ha nice....sensuality is much more than physicality....mental foreplay can be just as fun...smiles....

Reggie said...

That was nice.

JStar said...

Thank you fellas :-) much appreciated!

Carlus Wilmot said...

Well writen this is , nice flow and it is senuous .