Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love is Mine

Soaring above the mountains
Deeper than the ocean
Brighter than color
Louder than sound
Yet as calm as the waves
Rippling in my heart
My love is real and untainted
And is unconditionally given
To the one who is worthy
Of the great honor
To be called mine



Brian Miller said...

yes, it is an honor, that should not be taken lightly...nice verse jstar...hope you are having a great weekend.

TWIST said...

Such a treasure and blessing to one so ever deserving!

Great pen you have there.

Don said...

"Louder than sound, yet as calm as the waves..."

This stood out in my heart.

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful and inspiring words JStar. This symbolizes agape love to me. May you find that wonderful love of your life.

Big Mark 243 said...

Great vibe here... I like the way that you lift your standards without compromising who you are or your desires in this poem.

Anonymous said...

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