Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Missing you, missing us

I sit here alone with my thoughts
Missing you, missing us
Those days we couldn’t get enough
The yearning that burned deep inside
Just the sound of your voice made my heart flutter
On the phone all day and every hour of the night
Sacraficing sleep to talk about everything or nothing at all
The newness of exploration
The anticipation of looking into each others eyes
The warmth of your arms surrounding
Waking up next to you, smiling smiles never felt before
Feeling feelings I almost forgot existed
Getting to know each others depths
Discovering each like and dislike
How could some feelings not be caught up from times shared
We decided to take just one step back and put guards back up
To analyze and over analyze from a short distance
And instead take one step at a time
Trying to figure each other out
Without putting too much at risk
Pumping the breaks before they got out of control and overwhelming
But that’s almost like putting candy in front of a child
Because the desires are still felt
The yearning only strengthens
The wanting still pierces
I am missing what we were
Wondering if we will ever make it back to this place
Missing you, missing us


Brian Miller said...

its hard...esp if you were there and now are not...and maybe just maybe its new horizons you are meant to...

Big Mark 243 said...

Take your time... and trust in yourself and what your mind says and not what is in your heart...

Reggie said...

Your ability to describe in your poetry is excellent.

I feel your pain JStar.