Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is a fresh one that I just wrote this morning...Enjoy...


This feeling is so amazing words get stuck escaping my lips
So natural and unconditional like a perfectly written script
The passion takes over and directs each movement and action
Constant explosions almost like a nuclear reaction
Just by the first kiss and the locking of our eyes
Arms surrounding as his hands firmly grip my thighs
Soft and gentle kisses following my neck arising each and every sensation
Emotions intertwine liquefying a naturalized sedation
Following his lead, unclothed to our bed
Words replaced by moans of satisfaction while each desire is so carefully fed
Stretching and expanding the true definitions of love
Reaching plateaus that were previously undreamed of
A plethora of mixtures seeping from depths of uncharted territories
Love that is incomprehensible and rewriting untold stories
We were each other’s first, and now we will be our last
Since the obvious is no longer deniable we are rediscovering that these feelings are unsurpassed
After two decades we have overcame the childish phasing and appraising
And can now enjoy a true love that is beyond amazing


Brian Miller said...

nice...i am glad you have sucha love deserve it...this has a wicked beat to it as well...

JStar said...

:-) Thank you Brian!!! I am going to read this next saturday at my next weekend

♥ dulce ♥ said...

Hey girl- So glad you got it at last- Save it love it keep it for ever!

JStar said...

I miss u soo much my twin soul it's the most amazing feeling in the world; -)

Big Mark 243 said...

... I am feeling the vibe here... and I am glad that love has found its way to you..!

JStar said...

:-) Thank you Mark!!! I am planning on reading this to his at my next VDay performance...Going to put him on the spot and make him stand front and center lol