Friday, July 13, 2012


I want to taste the scent of his cologne on my tongues tip
Passionate and slow kisses from my neck to my lips
Lifting me off of the bed and pinning me against the wall
Into his secure arms I fall
Body heat rising causing dripping sweat
His whispers in my ear making me soaking wet
Our hearts palpitating creating rhythm to our beats
Vibrations exploding making my knees weak
Almost like each time we are competing with our last session
Seeking to charter the depths of our loves confessions
Reinventing the script with each and every movement
Discovering previously undiscovered improvements
The instant our locking eyes initiate
The electrifying intensity together we naturally create


Brian Miller said...

yes you do know how to bring the i tell

JStar said...

:-) thank you Brian...This was SUCH a struggle today for some reason...I started at like 7 this morning and these few little lines just didnt want to come out....So I forced myself to finish...Its hard trying not to repeat yourself..ESP since most of my poetry is love poetry...There is only so many ways you can say the same thing lol

Reggie said...

Very nice JStar!!! You're excellent at turning a phrase.

JStar said...

Thank u Reggie :-)