Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am disappointed each time the phone rings
And it’s not his ringtone sounding
The inner emotions that just his voice brings
Memories of relived moments compounding
Missing the warmth of his hugs
And the chills of his kisses
Images flashing and my heart constantly tugs
Each second without him I reminisce
In his love, I retreat
As dreams come to life and magically appear
Suddenly my heart skips a beat
While his ringtone sings a lullaby in my ear

Hello All! I KNOW I have been slacking...esp, on the writing end. I have been really busy with work lately and I have been doing a lot of performances and I also did a few voice recordings on Soundcloud. My next venture is to record some youtube videos :-)

This one is admittidly a forced write lol..but hey, its what is on my mind at the moment....I miss him each and ever second we are apart...Even when he walks into the next room


Brian Miller said...

i def know the feeling of being apart....very cool on all your is def a lot of fun

Reggie said...'ve been too.