Thursday, May 3, 2012


I love it when you kiss me there, yeah there ...and there too
And the way you ever so gently tug on my you do
The passion felt by the love in your eyes
Intensifying sensations causing the volume of my moans to rise
Uncontrollable shaking as I release all of me...onto your lips
Vibrations piercing the depths of my hips
Wanting to feel your inner touch
Flipping and the headboard I clutch
Lightly licking the small of my back with each breath
Making me want to recite Shakespeare's Macbeth
Tears form in my eyes because the emotions overwhelm
Floating above the atmosphere... into a whole other realm
Demonstrating and fulfilling each and every desire
Explosions erupt...sparking ablaze our fires
Collapsing in each others embrace
Inner feelings permanently encased
Subliminal messages true love delivers
Truths confessed in whispers


Brian Miller said... that is just good love poetry...

great to see you jstar...

make you site shakespeare...ha...nice...

JStar said...

:-) Thank you Brian....Writing has been a struggle lately...

The Write Girl said...

Steamy and romantic verses JStar. Leaves you wanting more!

JStar said...

:-) Thank you miss lady! I read that this past friday and did a really good job with my performance!

Freckles said...

Girrrrrrl... now this here is sexy. I miss you hon.

Anonymous said...

damn, girl! your poetry is better than ever :)

JStar said...

:-) Thank you ladies!!!