Friday, January 20, 2012


I soo applogize for neglecting my blog. Its hard, I have been crazy busy. Doing a lot more on the poetry scene. I recorded for the first show of Intimate Lyrics which airs this saturday at 12pm check me out :-) I have two more readings lined up Feb 11th at Island Cafe, then Feb 14th at the DC Soundstage. So I am excited about those events.


Brian Miller said...

woohoo that is awesome jstar!

Meagan said...

Hi Jstar been awhile since I've commented but I'm so happy to see and hear that you're making things happen in your life congratulations!!...Ps. you hair looks fabulous girlfriend.


JStar said...

:-) Thanks Brian and Meagan!

Freckles said...

I am very happy for you and excited too. I like seeing you make your dreams come true. I am inspired.

btw, tagged you on my blog (check it out)