Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Around you I feel at home
Eager to turn each stone

I can be me, with no acts to fake
No impressions I need to make

With you, I am in my comfort zone
The undeniable love and trust set the tone

There is just about nothing we don’t know about each other
Yet, there is still more to learn about one another

When we met at the movie theater that day
I was numb and my mouth couldn’t form the words I wanted to say

When it was made known it was my number you wanted
We had no idea the bond being confronted

I looked in those eyes and had to have you
The closer we got, I became to love you

As teenagers, we were best friends
You became someone that I grew to depend

As adults, we missed our chances but became lovers
It’s good our secrets were never discovered

You are that someone that I could never let go
That one that always had my heart even when no one could know

Now life brings us another chance
To heighten things above this romance

I can no longer contain the uncontrollable
I am tired of running from the inevitable

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Gregorio Martino said...

It isn't often that life gives you a second chance. Take it and enjoy it Star. You are one of the lucky ones.

JStar said...

We had chance after chance Gregorio...for 5 years we have both been single, and I chose others...Terrified because he was the only man that had that power to hurt me like no one else could...I am tired of running :) and so is he...

Anonymous said...

Honest and pretty, Jennifer, you wrote so well!

JStar said...

:) Thanks Secretia...My soul just spills onto the paper without thought...and this is the results...

25champ said...

Thru failure comes success. And success is a result of perserverance. U have taken advantage of a great opportunity. Now cherish it. God bless and Great Post!

JStar said...

:) Thanks as always for your insight Champ...I will

Miss.Fortune said...


RoByn LaTice said...

Aww, i love this. So happy you gave this love another chance. I wish you all the luck in this relationship!

Miss.Fortune said...

i said go for it because a feeling ilke this doesnt come often..and you may never know what it can lead to if you dont try

Dulce said...

No other love is purest!
Brilliant and sweet!

The Visionary Butterfly said...

I love when Life brings us another chance! Nothing sweeter!

Anonymous said...

this is really nice. i feel like this about my love also.

Traci Lavette said...

Hey girl,

I love this relationship of yours. Really love it. It's what love is supposed to feel like. You made an investment and it paid off - it doesn't for everyone so I am very happy for you.

This is so powerful..."There is just about nothing we don’t know about each other
Yet, there is still more to learn about one another".

It just says that your structure is solid and filled with history, but that growth is still on the horizon...but a growth together.

I wish you continued success on this journey of love. Not that you guys need it because it all seems to be in place.


The Write Girl said...

I hope all the things you desire come to pass. I enjoy reading your poems. They are so filled with passion, love, desire, and hope.

Don said...

Feet becoming tired I see. LOL! As you stated, there's no sense in running from the inevitable. Where you spoke of comfort zone is/was usually the defining moment where I too realize I am digging her/she is digging myself.

Ahh. The sweet sound of Romance @ I looked in those eyes and had to have you
The closer we got, I became to love you

Don said...

@ Traci Lavette: I just love your thoughtful comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog. I just stumbled across it.

I'm definitely going to subscribe to follow!

You seem like the type of girl that would enjoy my blog. Check it out, I think you'd love it.

Paul said...

grew to depend. That's a great line J, we depend on ourselves for so long its really hard to depend on others.

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Awwwwww!!!! this is sooo cute! I love it! yall type grew up together! how adorable. i want a love like this. im jealous =\ lol


Anonymous said...

sometimes the simple things are whats dear to us...

so true....

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

JStar said...

Yes, Daja…That’s EXACTLY what I am doing :)

Thanks Robyn!

Thanks Dulce :)

Isnt that the sweetest Ms Butterfly :)

I love being in love Elizabeth!

Such powerful words Traci! We are embracing this journey through life as one :)

Thanks Write Girl, I sure hope so too…But I feel confident!

Isnt just the greatest Don!

Thanks for stopping by The Boyfriend Shopper, I am diggin your blog as well!

So true Paul!

Yes Cook, we sure did :)

Thanks Reaper!

I am glad I could help anonymous !

Anonymous said...

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