Monday, January 4, 2010


I wrote this poem in the 90's but it goes with how I am feeling at this moment...Trying again to turn over a new hope that everyone had a safe, blessed New Years celebration...I stayed in and watch NY's ball drop and went fast asleep mins after :)

I am not like anyone you have ever met
But I am someone you may never forget

I take things as they come
I make sure the job gets done

At times I may cause unnecessary stress
But don’t worry it is just a test

I am a very thoughtful person
I like to discuss the problem from the start before things worsen

I don’t have time and energy for drama
Treat me like you would treat your momma

That should be with the utmost respect
Always come correct

I am very strong
I have been done wrong

I have been through too much in my life
I am still here despite

I will not tolerate ignorance
I love to keep you in suspense

I stand up for what I believe
I have many goals I plan to achieve

I am very sincere in my efforts
I am consistent in my endeavors

I am honest and open-minded
I do not walk around blinded

I see the people for what they are
I appreciate the bizarre

I am very dedicated and loyal
Myself I love to spoil

Take time to get to know me before you judge
I will always be there to give you that nudge

I don’t need anyone or anything to define
What flows through my spine

I will always be me
That I can guarantee

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Anonymous said...

This is a great poem. it also expresses how i feel at the moment. it's always nice to know we do not feel alone in this world.

are you from N.Y?

Anonymous said...

Just like in that wonderful poem, Jennifer, you are someone I would easily forget. :)


JStar said...

Eliabeth, thanks for your comments :) Nope, not NY but I am in MD, mins away from DC...

:)@Secretia awww you would easily forget me :(

Paul Wynn said...

Wow vintage poem from the 90's Jstar!??! I like it

JStar said...

:) Thanks Paul

LadyLee said...

Very nice poem. You're very multifaceted.

JStar said...

:) Thanks Lady Lee...Yea that was a ramble wasnt it lol

* ! zodiac ! * said...

i like your sassy-ness in this poem! it's firey and i love it! : )

JStar said...

:) Thanks Zodiac...Yea, it was an "Exhale" moment there lol...

Dulce said...

And you wrote this in the 90s? Gosh! What if you start writing something right now?
It's amazing. So beautiful rhyme & rhythm... and that self-assurance.
Great JStar

JStar said...

Thanks, as always Dulce...Yea, that was an old one...I need to write something new, I havent really been able to form a poem lately...I have ideas, lots of them but not quite sure how I want to express these ideas...

Miss.Fortune said...

we're all progressing..
i love this

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Ooohhh. I like...I like.

Just telling it like it is said...

That is how I feel about myself...a loyal friend till the very end...Loving my child as I know you love your beautiful children!!
Beautiful...I had a great New year stayed home and cooked drank plenty of champagne...and talked with good friends

Brian Miller said...

nicely done...stay you, thats who we like. smiles.

JStar said...

Thanks all :)

Don said...

from the opening til the ending i was extremely engaged. that pretty much says it all.

every line stood out.

great poem. thanks for sharing.

JStar said...

:) Thanks Don...

E's said...

The Realness...I like. You give off the vibe that your a REAL person. By that I mean, ppl who know you, know what to expect. Unless you've changed a lot since the 90's:)

JStar said...

So true E, no, I just got more open....Tell it like it is, is there any other way?