Monday, September 21, 2009

Options Narrow

Life changing decisions to be made
Choosing the wrong one, I am so afraid
Just because we are feeling each other
Doesn’t mean that we are right for one another
I have very good options but not sure which is best
One does stand above all the rest
I just hope he is the right man for me
Not necessarily wanting him on bended knee
I just want something real
I want to release all this love inside that I feel
I want this to be a lifelong commitment
A love that’s consistent
The one man that I chose to share my soul
The one I turn to, to be consoled
I know that nothing in life is guaranteed
Just tired of wasting my time with those who mislead
Not rushing into anything, patience is key
I am curious if he can keep me happy
And give a relationship that will continue to excel
I will never know unless I try; only time can tell

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ms. downlow said...

BEAUTIFUL! and I totally feel you, babe!

I love this goes right to the heart of what I'm facing!

Will we ever find that near perfect match?

Thank you soooo much for beings such a wonderful, devoted fan of my work! I am honored, especially knowing how superbly talented you are.

JStar said...

Thanks!! That means a lot coming from you of all people. Your writing keeps me yearning for more :)

Perfect match, is there such a thing? I think we just need to find that one person who fits our personality. The one we can accept the good AND the bad about them. I have a few really good options, but I am narrowing them down even further and allowing the right one to step ALL the way up...I hope for success. I am tired of dating and dealing with situations that are not good for me. I just want something REAL...Is there such a thing anymore??? I will find out...

Thanks so much for the compliment!!

E's said...

Another honest one. I'm catching the relationship yearning theme...This is honest shit from you. Shame on anyone who deceives to hurt a REAL person. I've done my dirt, but I try to be upfront and not fake...

We've all been hurt tho. Just learn, forgive, and brush myself off...keep rolling.

JStar said...

@E-Thats the proble I have. If someone isnt ready for a relationship why not just say so in the begining and stop worrying about having your cake and eating it too...