Thursday, August 5, 2010


You evoke feelings I never knew existed
Feelings of happiness
The love I feel flowing through your veins
Bleeds straight into my heart
With a pulsating rhythm
Just waiting to explode
Taking us to higher levels
Of ecstasy and intimacy
To a plateau of our very own
Reaching new heights with every second
Where time doesnt even matter
Nothing else matters anymore
But the feelings being produced
Between the two of us
The creation of
Our own rhythm of love


Brian Miller said...

there is just something special about finding that person you can find rhythm with...nicely said jstar!

Jingle said...

Glad to see you write more often.
your words are always sincere and fun...
keep working and shining!
Glad to see you in my place.

steveroni said...

Our feelings produce the creation of our own rhythm of beautifully stated, JStar

(Shhhhhh! JStar's in love..shhhhh!)

Jingle said...

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plus Thursday Poets Rally announcement,..