Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Good Morning All!  I am reposting this poem because I have been neglecting everyone from my poetry long enough.  I couldnt come up with anything, so I am resharing this one...I am still not feeling good at all.  I have a feeling that I am getting the flu :(  Maybe from moving and the fact that my air condition works in my new place....Before the air didnt work in the back two bedrooms...I guess after two years of living without air I have to get used to it again...Plus its that time of year for my sinus's to act up :(  Last night I kept waking up in cold sweats then waking up freezing...And I have been wide awake since 3am...I am not really sure when I wrote this one but I suspect earlier this year....This fits with the mood that I am in right now...I have been through hell and back...literally...and my world is changing around me (for the good) and I am scared...terrified to fail again...But I reflect of what all that I have overcame thus far and my strength reminds me that its all going to work out...


My world is flipping upside down
But I see the pieces of the puzzle falling into place
Listening to the sounds
Of your voice and recognizing your face
Leading me through the fires
Protecting me from harm
No longer living through desires
Not falling for the devils charm
Finding strength within
That I never felt before
You are the only one I can depend
To open closed doors
I never thought possible
Each day no matter the circumstance, I praise your name
And you show miracles that were once impossible
Now, my life will never be the same

And these two ladies right here are the source of my strength....My reason for breathing...The ARE my everything...


Opaque said...

Beautiful! Quite inspiring and reassuring too.

järnebrand said...

Your babies are beautiful and so are you. Get well soon. Hugs/ Jo.

Anonymous said...

and you are so lucky to have such beautiful strength

Brian Miller said...

smiles. you babies are beautiful...i hope you feel better soon though!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Thery are gorgeous!

dulce said...

Oh- how sweet!
I loved this