Thursday, October 3, 2013

Into the light

It's taken me some time to get used to this
There were many opportunities to just dismiss
But what has already been established keeps our energies connected
Going with what hearts have selected
With communication and compromise
Our passion is like waves about to collide
You make me see the glass half full
Motivating me to be better, reminding me that I already know which
strings to pull
Freeing my mind of doubt and stress
Taking comfort in the ability for secrets to confess
My past misjudgments and heartaches made it hard for me to trust
But truth is, my love for you goes far deeper than the obvious lust
You bring light to my darkness
Allowing me to release any fear that I harnessed
Bringing different shades of color to my rainbow
When the stars fall, you are in the moons glow
The reason for the morning sunshining so bright
Taking my spirit to new heights
The rapid rhythm in my heartbeat
Appreciating the beauty in its occasional offbeat
You are the scent I inhale
The images in my visions veil
You are in my smile and the reason for my bounce
I so naturally allow you to be the holder of my heart, every ounce
Making a decision to trust isn't a decision that comes easy for me
Just handle it with care is my only plea
Letting go while hands are held tight
Walking into the light

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