Friday, October 11, 2013

To be one

want to inhale his breath as his soul fills my lungs
To be the taste he salivates for  
The scent that his nose craves to smell
A part of his genetic make up
As he resides within each layer of my skin
The sun that shines in his pupils so bright that dilation sets in
Tingly sensations instantly rise chill bumps
Butterflies fluttering from head to toe 
Words get lost without the ability to be spoken
Tongues whisper a language only known to one another
Eyes connected reading each other's thoughts 
The kiss that produces electrical infusions 
Strength that defies human force
To the realm of which spirits dance in harmony 
Creating symphonies of shooting stars
The light that illuminates within
As each touch erupts volcanoes
When brain waves become parallel 
The merging of two beings
To be one 

1 comment:

Reggie said...

That's what love is.........