Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wrongfully Misled

Blindsided by slick persuasion
Disregarding his public evasion
Captivated by his tongue
Thinking you’re the only one
While in fact you’re just one of many
Brushing off red flags thinking the other women are just in envy
The periodic glances and sly brushes weren’t your imagination
Just discretion used in their flirtations
Not giving much phone conversation because that’s not really his thing
You’re envisioning dresses and rings
Making future plans that he has no intentions on keeping
Your love to deeper depths continues seeping
Putting a commitment on hold while promising soon to come
Into his lies you succumb
Stringing you on just enough to get your attention
His true motives are beyond your comprehension
Guaranteeing pleasures to remain the same
Still believing that one day you will bare his last name
Keep your eyes open at all times
The pieces of the puzzle will eventually fall in line
All the signs were previously misread
Feeling like a fool for giving your all because you were being wrongfully misled

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