Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sweet Dreams

The clouds are getting dark and the sky looks as if it's falling 
I can barely breathe, the walls are slowly closing in
The screams are becoming silent and rigor has set in
Unable to move, muscles become limp
Mind searching muddy waters 
Bloodshed dreams massacre sights 
Tasting salt filled tears
Uncontrollable shaking persisting convulsions 
Heart beating out of my chest 
Sweat streaming puddles of escape
Ocean tides sweeping me under
Drowning disappointments and pain
Scratching the ground as the dirt suffocates    
I just want one more view of the sunlight 
Witness the trees blowing 
Smell the roses
Feel my hair flowing in the wind
The sun tainting my skin
To kiss the one I love one more time
I opened my eyes
And exhaled
I must rest

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