Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Tiptoed a dance around the seams 
Even appearing in dreams
At each hour that passes
Desire floating flames
Tasting roses blooming your palate 
Serenading your temple
Purple hues of sun rays
Singing love melodies of memories
Air walking on clouds
Reaching for the sun
Blinded by attraction
Souls emulate action 
A rhythms sync
Basking in the light
The chill bumps that rise
Altering the beat of hearts 
Depths of seas encased passion
Each moment stolen treasures engrave
A sketch of the physique  shadow silhouettes
Awakening dreams control thoughts and emotion
The heart tells the stories of its intent
And contains a hold onto your skin
Down to the core element that never dies
Interlocked in its webs
Care free and secure
Intensity at its extreme
Free falling within its realms
The oozing of a vampires bite
In a trance that has no ending
Embracement of love

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