Monday, October 14, 2013

The knowing... of knowing

Dreams tasted upon his lips of yesterday's promise
Today's rain soothed in the whispers of his voice
Trusting the waterfalls of obstacles that present 
Knowing at the end our hands will still be interlocked 
Hearts forever intertwined
A bond that is inseparable 
Security only found at the ending of rainbows
Lilies wildly grazing the fields 
Land sliding through pockets of mud and debris
Reunited by magnetism of souls connected throughout space
Comic attractions penetrate surfaces 
The density of emotions sincerity
History builds foundations for futures  reward 
His aura surrounds my vision 
The one my soul searches for 
The only home I know 
Comfort found in just knowing
Resolution of commitment
A lifetime of preparations for co-existence 
If time allows sacrifice
Efforts of togetherness breed actions
Voiced verbal notes that flow the same beat... on repeat
The knowing... of just knowing...  

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Reggie said...

Very nice Jennifer.