Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love at first sight

It all started with a glance
Momentarily fantasizing about romance

Our eyes were introduced
The depth of your eyes surely seduced

And intrigued
Had me feeling fatigue

Time just stopped
My heart dropped

And the first word hasn’t been spoken
Almost like my tongue was broken

When you finally stepped, not taking me for a fool
I tried to play calm and cool

But my heart was racing
Curiosity tasting

Leading us into invigorating conversation
Leaving me with much fascination

Trying to deny
The strong feelings I felt inside

The chemistry was unbelievable
The emotions were undeniable

Trying not to set myself up for heartbreak
But this seemed different, it had to be fate

Your honesty relaxed me
We were definitely meant to meet

My guards melted like butter
My heart was at a constant flutter

Our minds connected on a journey
You have proved you are worthy

Souls instantly connected
I no longer feel neglected

This is something that had to be pursued
I am diggin your views of life and that sexy attitude

Trying hard not to give in
But I don’t know how long I can hold it in

Finally, your true intentions you revealed
Commitment and love appealed

When you slowly kissed my lips
It felt as if heaven pierced through my hips

Your arms surrounding my body
Your sincerity and warmth I embody

I feel at peace
Emotions continuously increase

In your arms I feel at home
You have shown me that I can never be alone

Now much time has past
Our love is surely meant to last

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