Thursday, June 12, 2008



You have been like family for many years
Hearing you are gone brought instant tears

I have been there through the many stages you’ve surpassed
Remembering what we spoke of, not knowing it was our last

Your life was heading in the direction you wanted it to be
Your unique spirit is now set free

We will miss your beautiful smile
Your good heart and most of all, your laugh; all the while

Your spirit through Raven will continue to shine
Your genuine love will remain in our hearts throughout time

Cherished memories of your presence remain
For many now life could never be the same

May God be with your family and friends in this time of sorrow
Your time here God gave us, was borrowed

Now the sadness and pain can never be fully eased
May God rest your sorely missed, wonderful soul in peace

You are gone, but never forgotten…

We love you Morgan!!!!!

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