Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Complete Me

With you my thirst is quenched
My heart is replenished

My soul is refreshed
I am finally free of stress
I feel so blessed

You fulfill me
Mentally, spiritually and physically

You are the water in my fountain
You are my will to climb that rough mountain

My search has ended
Your greatness will always be commended

With you at my side
It is only tremendous satisfaction that fills my eyes

I feel we can accomplish anything
My weakness is now mending

You brought life to my lonely ambiance
A stronger foundation within our alliance

You have brought pleasure to my pain
Only felicity and strength remain

You fill my emptiness
You guaranteed my happiness

Daily you prove your loyalty
With you I feel like royalty

Nothing else could ever compare
I know for sure you will always be there

I cannot imagine life without you
This love we share is ever so true

With you at my side I feel whole
My every need you console

You are wonderful indeed
You definitely complete me

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