Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost in the clouds

I feel like everything is tumbling down on me all at once
I feel like there is no escape in sight
Everything that could go wrong has in abundance
I do not have the energy to fight
I know I must not give up
But I am not sure what I can do
Why did everything have to be so abrupt
I only wish that I could have everything that is due
Where is it going to come from
I only wish that I had the answers that I need
My body feels so numb
All I have left to do is plead
Please God help me
Guide me down the right path
Assist me in my relief
Give me strength to overcome the wrath
Help me see the light through these rough clouds
I know it’s there I just need to find it
With your help I am sure that everything will be fine
I am putting my faith and trust in you
I know I will see the light in time
I will just leave it up to you

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