Thursday, June 12, 2008


Betrayal is the worst feeling
Secrets are now revealing

Deception is unforgivable
You have made life unlivable

The proof is undeniable
You have proved you are unreliable

Stop running the game
You’ve been caught, there is only you to blame

Promises broken
Truths unspoken

I don’t even know who you really are
All I see is a liar

A cheater, a deceiver
Not the once successful achiever

I was fooled into believing
Now I am grieving

Heart broken and torn
Stuck in the heart with your thorns

Something I thought was beautiful
Turn out to the most harmful

What happened to our happy home
Now I am hurt and all alone

Why did you have to lie
Then try to deny

Why did you waste my time
Feeding me all those lines

Why did you have to cause me all this pain
Just because you wanted to do your thing

Why not be straight up and tell it like it is
You dont have all the answers to the quiz

Now it has caught up to you
There is nothing you can say or do
I am through with you

I am tired of you
Everything that comes out of your mouth is untrue

I can never forgive or forget
Meeting you is one of my biggest regrets

Get out and don’t come back
Before I cant take it no more and attack

Now I can see clear and see a different portrayal
You have left me with the worst betrayal

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