Thursday, June 12, 2008

One True Love

Am I worthy of true love
Lust is just not enough

I keep meeting the wrong men
Can’t find one I can depend

One I can trust with my heart
One that can’t stand being apart

One who loves me for me
And not what he wants me to be

Is true love just a fairy tale
Am I destined to always fail

Am I meant to be alone
Sometimes I hate to come home

To emptiness
And loneliness

Sleepless nights
Dreaming about Mr. Right

Does he really exist
A man who I simply cannot resist

Where is he hiding
I am tired of all the lying

All the game
Men seem to be all the same

How will I recognize him
Will he be true and go out on a limb

When needed
Will my expectations be exceeded

Is he right under my nose
When will his identity be exposed

When will I find a man to fulfill
And not just a cheap thrill

One man to satisfy my every need or desire
Show me true love that I require

Is there a man for me that will always be monogamous
One man who can erase all of my sadness

One man to share a lifetime of happiness
An eternity of constant blissfulness

Will I find a man who is worthy of
Is there one man who will stand above
Is there such a thing as true unconditional love

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