Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love Overcomes

An argument is always just an argument
There is nothing that we cannot overcome
At times we may have a disagreement
But we can move on
And always forgive
Always talk and work it out
No need to continuously relive
No matter what it is about
We can come to a compromise
If we both work together
No need to bring in outside sources
As long as we confront the problem together
At times we may run into many courses
Struggles and obstacles that test us
For our love will only grow stronger
As outside problems may become relentless
Soon with acknowledgment they will be no longer
Our love’s strength we can always depend
While life in depth we explore
Bring everything forth and reprehend
So we can deal with it at the core
The bond we share
Makes a lifetime happiness inevitable
Nothing else can compare
We are unstoppable
A force to be reckoned with
Nothing else could ever come above
What we have, any problem can be dismissed
Because we have true love

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